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Upcoming Fireworks Symposium in Changsha, China, 2013


The 14th International Symposium on fireworks will be held in Changsha, China, October 14th ~ 18th, 2013.
Each Symposium focuses on bring together indivduals of diverse pyrotechnic background, to provide a fertile atmosphere in which to see the newest technology, to trade experience and ideas on ways to enhance the industry and to move the science forward. The emphasis of the Symposia is the presentation of papers and the discussion of topics dealing with the safety, scientific, engineering, artistic, and regulatory aspects of fireworks and other pyrotechnics associated with entertainment and celebration on a global basis.
During this symposium, clients from different coutries can see the newest technology, design, packing, pyrotechnic equipments and techonology, new pyrotechnic effects, etc. on the trade show.
Two days pyromusical display competition and innovative fireworks demo at Changsha Orange Island will end this symposium on 20th and 21st October. 
The past successful fireworks Symposium:
  • Montreal, Canada, 1992,
  • Vancouver, Canada, 1994,
  • Walt Disney World, Orlando, 1996,
  • Halifax, Canada, 1998,
  • Naples, Italy, 2000,
  • Walt Disney World, Orlando, 2001,
  • Valencia, Spain, 2003,
  • Shiga, Japan, 2005,
  • Berlin, Germany, 2006,
  • the 10th Anniverysary in Montreal, 2007,
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 2009
  • Porto/Gaia, Portugal, 2010,
  • Malta, 2012,
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